11 best SEO strategies followed by SEO experts of 2016

If you want better ROI, then improved SEO is needed and that can be gained by means of developing some of the powerful strategies.

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S.E.O. Strategies

Earning link from incredible contents: High-quality contents are usually being developed or created so that they can be easily shared by the online visitors and in this way productive links can be earned that are facilitating for gaining improved SEO.

Referring to co-citation links: you got to collect the links from the sites of your competitors belong to the same field or niche. This will definitely help you to know the real secrets behind the popularity of their sites online.

Outstanding editorial links: Guest posts have a greater importance in SEO and the editorial links that are usually derived from the same are very much important for boosting up search-engine optimization. These links are mainly collected from third-party sites and they really play a greater role in SEO.

Creating healthy links: Healthy links are mainly created in order to maintain the site performance in an efficient manner. Different useful features can be added top these links so that SEO campaign can be successfully implemented and positive results can be gained. Broken links need to be fixed as soon as possible as that can be quite hazardous in nature and can cause interruption in implementing SEO techniques.

Link replacement: The old, defective or damaged links need to be replaced immediately otherwise your site’s productivity will be decreased day by day as a result of which your site will loose online importance. Therefore, you need to check out the condition of the existing links from time to time so that you can detect the defective links easily and efficiently.

Analysis of competitors: The links of the competitors especially those who are still surviving in the market since a long time need to be thoroughly analyzed so that you can get improved results in SEO. In this way, you can also come to know about the basic SEO tips adopted by the competitors.

Outreach of links: you need to find those websites that are quite similar to your official link online but the business niche is different. In this case, you can definitely have discussion with the site holders so that you can get a fair idea about the best backlinks that can help you site to get greater responses online.

Concentration on ROI: ROI is much more important than keyword rankings and this is the reason that most of the talented SEO experts are focusing on the same. The metrics need to be focused as they are the main aspects that can bring acute success in SEO services.

Optimization of search-engines: Search-engine optimization can be done by means of choosing some selected search-engines that are having the highest trafficking and they are Bing, MSN, yahoo, Google and others. Web’s default browsers might differ from one individual to another and thus it is better to optimize all the popular search-engines.

Mobile SEO: Mobile platforms are getting powerful these days due to the increase of the mobile users. You can now use either Smartphones or iphones for accessing your site and this will definitely increase the online responses to your site. This is the reason that most of the SEO analysts concentrate on the same.

Creating specialized SEO strategy: the targeted community needs to be focused and on the basis of the market reports on the community, the best strategies of SEO need to be developed.

To be precise, if you want improved SEO and site popularity online, then you got to follow above modernized SEO strategies.


Website Redesign – Important Terms for Better Conversion

Website redesign has contributed a lot in case of business web design for proper survival of this neck to neck competitive internet marketing. If looked around the business websites, it will be inferred that almost each and every business site has gone through redesigning process.

Website Redesign Services – Vital Part of Website Designing
Redesigning a website by adopting some of the recognized company has become a vital part in the field of website design as it has been known to offer tremendous benefits. Some of them include getting more profits, a new look along with fetching a good feedback from users.


Important Terms for Successful Website Redesigning


Important Terms for Successful Website Redesigning

If you are also planning to reconstruct your business through website redesign, then your success is definitely promised. But knowing a few handy terms while working with a web development company will the make the task easier. They are:

  • Business requirements – It is used to define some of the high-level needs and features associated with the project. Defining requires focusing on capabilities demanded by the Stakeholders along with target users of the project.
  • Content Management System – Also known as CMS. It is a term for software that allows maintaining the content of the site without affecting the graphical templates through HTML coding. Among many packages, Cascade Server is especially selected by majority. The Cascade Server tips & tricks can be followed for convenience.
  • Content matrix – Content matrix defines the important components of website which include content, functions and features. It also determines the source, feature type and other related properties. It itemizes every page and the associated relationship with other pages in a navigational structure.
  • Dynamic/Transactional – The first question put up by any account executive is all about the content which may either be dynamic or transactional. Static pages do not interact with the visitor but transactional or dynamic pages like forms do so. They pull information from a database.
    Dynamic and transactional pages consume more time and budget for getting created. This question is asked to ensure the provision for the most accurate quotes for the project after knowing the expectations.
  • Needs assessment – Need assessment is considered to be a great way to analyze and go for designing activity for a project before committing the full development phase. During this rigorous process, detailed discussion is carried with the client regarding functionality and purpose.
    A list of requirements for site along with high level site hierarchy and graphical design is also developed. The goal is to create a full blueprint for the site foe easy processing of the site.
  • Project plan – Project plan refers to the time line associated with the tasks related to project along with deliverable deadlines. Writing the same sometimes proves to be a challenge for project manager.
    Emphasis is provided to each and every section of the project. Firstly the required depth and emphasis on each element of the project is determined.
  • Site hierarchy – It refers to the design document which represents a general organizational structure of the website in a hierarchical format. It is used to govern many other aspects of the site including the ways to organize content along with the way Site Studio controls its presentation.
    The Manager application can also be used to modify the site hierarchy and assign page templates.
  • User Acceptance Testing – Abbreviated as UAT, it is known as “end user testing”. It is the phase of the project where the client tests the site in a real world environment. There are specially designated test servers that allow the users to view the site exactly in the same manner similar to Production without opening up to the public.
    On the basis of the size of project, a good time is reserved. It may range from days to weeks for this whole process. It helps to ensure the client regarding the meeting of expectations for the project.
  • Wireframes – Wireframes are also known to be a conceptual page layout, which is a visual representation of critical user interfaces like forms and dynamic pages that interact directly with database functionality.
    An interface wireframe is the first visual outline used in interface design and web development. With its proper help, you can easily plan and communicate the overall idea and structure of a website along with specifying the pages.
  • Web 2.0 – Really being more of a marketing term than a technical one, Web 2.0 refers to applications that permit direct interaction between a website visitor and the site. This is considered to be a departure from traditional websites that allowed visitors to read content and interact with the site towards static websites.
    Some of the most suitable examples of Web 2.0 technologies recently incorporated include blogs, RSS feeds as well as video.

These are some of the terms that will really be very much helpful for guys interested to opt for redesigning. Get ready for a better website redesign!

How to Create Engaging Content on Social Media Platforms – 6 Top Tips!

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Social media has become the most popular medium or platform to get engaged and connected with the potential customers and target audience. Building a strong relationship with the customers will ensure that your business has successfully promoted your brand appearance or presence online. This has a great positive impact on your SEO performance and ranking. Hence, to utilize the signals the of the social media platforms, it is very useful that you create the type of content that will engage more and more audience.

  1. Create demographic responsive content:

Not every audience in different social media platforms is the same or belongs to the same age group. They might have different likes and dislikes and demands. Hence, to ensure that your brand is presented in the right way to the right audience, so that it compels them to read, believe and agree to what you are trying to communicate and convey, you need to create demographic responsive content. Before starting to right, collect this demographic data of who is using which site, their age, gender, race and locality and other factors, for creating engaging content on social media platforms.

  1. Type of content:

Once you have known the demographic, it is time to create the content. While question and answer type communicative content works best in Twitter, visual and interactive content workswell in Facebook. Whatever the type of the post may be, use infographics. Throwing questions at audience, polls, links to old posts, behind the scene photos and quotes are always useful. You can consult and review the posts that brought you more shares, likes and re-tweets.

  1. Time of posting:

It is always a better idea to post your content when it is most likely to engage maximum audience. If you post at a time, when not the maximum number of audience is there online, it is of no use. Thursdays and Fridays are great for Facebook posts, whereas Tuesdays to Thursdays are good for LinkedIn. If you are considering posting on Twitter, Mondays to Thursdays are usually good. You can choose professional SEO services to post the content at the right time.

  1. Steadiness increases brand appearance:

The set goal is to increase business transactions and generate more leads. This does not happen overnight. In order to achieve the increase in communicative interaction and succeed in creating a brand appearance is to steadily keep on posting. Your audience will know and recognise you and start to trust you. Then they won’t take too long to step further and proceeds towards the goal that you have set.

  1. Be recent:

Your customers are always willing to know more regarding the relevant industry or field. Hence, you have to do the certain amount of homework to bring the latest data, discoveries, inventions, information and knowledge that your audience would want to know. Remember, there are your rivals, waiting for their loyal customers and potential audience to outgrow yours. If they bring the news sooner than you, they get more loyal customers. Keep yourself updated, before you start to update your customers.

  1. Make the employees participate:

The target audience that you are focusing on and want to engage to your business, find it more trustworthy to interact with real personas than system generated social media platforms and updates and marketing campaigns. Ask your employees to create professional Facebook or Twitter accounts and communicate with more and more potential customers, answer their queries and engage them to your business. They will find it more trustworthy and comfortable to talk to your employees than just read the system generated content.

You must have clearly understood that creating engaging and useful content is not as easy as it might sound. In that case, choosing the best SEO services in India is a great way of ensuring the quality of the content that you have created and that is being posted on your site.

8 Reasons When You Need to Redesign Your Website

It has been observed that there are many companies who decide to redesign their websites at an interval of two years or so. The action comprises of a lot of tasks which include gathering of a team, finding an agency, identifying of stakeholders, penning down of personas and many more.


After going for hard labor regarding website redesigning followed by launching of the same, it is hardly touched. It is considered to be a wrong way of doing things. Hence, before you kick off towards the forthcoming project, it will be better to improve the site already owed.

8 Bad Reasons for a Website Redesign

It must be ensured that website is not being redesigned for the following 9 reasons:

  • When your boss reminds about redesigning – There are chances that the boss suffers from design fatigue. But it must be noted that there are many new visitors towards the website But before taking the plunge, it is better to focus on the points which really demand improvement.When-your-bossSome of the points to be focused includes technical fault, experimenting with color psychology for driving conversions etc. Sometimes, intentional and iterative changes may have a big impact on initial perception and performance of website.
  • Time to start a blog – It is better not to wait for website redesigning to start a new blog as implementing of a new content strategy does not depend on a new design.Start-a-blog.jpgContent plays a vital role as it is the first thing to get noticed at the time of designing a multimillion-dollar startup. It is the thing with which audience can immediately interact with.
  • Getting flat design cooled – It must be noted that Skeuomorphism may come back en vogue. Such design trends must not be allowed to affect your essence. In case a matured brand aesthetic exists, there is no need to jump ship towards a digital equivalent to pop the collar.Getting-flat-design-cooledOne can stay afresh by updating assets within website. New trends like landing pages, seasonal emails can be tried on specific campaigns.
  • Not fetching enough traffic – Traffic is not a great measure for designing performance. The need for more traffic probably indicates issues with the acquisition strategy.Not-fetching-enough-trafficOne must devote time in thinking the kind of experience required to get the design noticed by the target. A great website design will certainly increase engagement. In case more number of visitors is required, it is better to consider paid search, crazy tool video campaign along with other viral marketing stunt.
  • Too high bounce rate – In case of high bounce rate, redesigning of website is helpful. But it is better not to skimp on the easy-to-implement and incremental improvements as they can reduce urge of users.Too-high-bounce-rateFor starters it is better to update the copy, remove the main navigation and introduce parallax scroll to keep users on page and drive them.
  • Getting of new content management system (CMS) – Technical and creative teams must work to collaborate more often. But there is no need to intertwine the technical solutions and design projects. Updating the technology stack is a great idea.Getting-of-new-content-management-systemLeaving the design as it is will help the technical team to complete the migration faster. Hence it is good to begin the redesign process. By implementing new design, the technical team will be more familiar with the new stack.
  • Recent hiring of a new web designer – Adding a designer to the team brings another perspective to the process of problem solving. But rather than snowing them with complete redesigning, it is better to immerse your new recruit into the company culture along with creative ecosystem and small projects firstly.Recent-hiring-of-a-new-web-designerSmaller improvements must be introduced to the designer to make them familiar with the problems you desire to solve. Such orientation projects will let the new designer conduct important research, create company assets and meet stakeholders followed by making better decisions
  • Complaint from a user – Rather than ignoring the complaints of customer, it is good to consider the perspective like the device used, type of customer, time of getting stumbled on the site in a sub-optimal manner and many more.Complaint-from-a-userA designer needs to parse all sorts of requests and understand the motivation behind them. Through proper research, a designer can save himself along with the company.

    Hence it is clear about when you should redesign your website. Proper care and maintenance will also serve a lot.


A Step-by-Step Guide towards Website Redesign

Going through a website redesigning almost seems to be a great idea. Everybody desires to freshen the online presence of his brand along with creating a sleeker user interface and having a more attractive website.  Until one lands into the battle field, planning along with executing ideas for redesigning and development seems to be into the clenched fist.

In reality, website redesign services in India are among the grueling and never-ending battles. It is high time to follow a step-by-step guide towards website redesigning.

  • Getting Trained before the Battle

One must take time to go ahead to work through a creative plan. A detailed and in-depth plan related to the entire project will ensure that the movement is not tripped over one another in the trenches. Planning on a regular basis will also prevent lagging behind of the project. Having a planned guide will provide comfort and relief.

  • Strategy Must be Given First Priority than Planning

Before making an outline of the plan regarding the steps required for redesigning the website, one must seriously consider the actual reason for it. Some of the goals desired to accomplish with this redesign include more informative pages, improving on-site SEO, being more visually aligned with brand, improving navigation and many more.

A Step-by-Step Guide towards Website Redesign

  • Documenting Everything that is Current

It is good to jot down and save the current metrics in a spreadsheet document. The document must be divided into multiple pages on the basis of individual web pages. Creating sub-section of the website will let towards a less confusing plan. Bounce rate, average time on page, serial wise traffic sources and conversion rates are the data that must be included.

  • Time and Money – to be Considered among Valuable Resources

It is mandatory to know the amount of worker bandwidth and money to be dedicated to the project along with the total periods of time. With such knowledge, it will be possible to outline your plan for time-based deliverables and dedicate portions of monetary and time-related budgets.

  • Creating Action Plan Trackers

In order to make filling in the exact tasks and deadlines easier, one must start creating action plan trackers for every single page. The current site map of the page must be used to get started. Use your page’s current site map to help you get started. One can also segment the pages into different pages on the basis of over-achieving goals of pages.

  • Creating Strategy Trackers

One must think of the page action plan trackers in case one gets ready to implement a new plan. Without a strategy in place, it is not possible to have an effective plan. Strategy documents will enable you to decide how to get somewhere along with defining the place you want to go.

  • Filing in Strategy Trackers

In order to reach the desired goal, it is better to fill in the obvious and larger steps in the document first. After realizing the smaller steps which comprise the larger steps initially filled in, it will be possible to add rows underneath them to make the document complete and more cohesive.

  • Filling in Action Plan Trackers

As soon as the strategy tracker gets finished, half the battle is considered to be over. As each and every action item of your strategy tracker will lead proper solving of problems along with making decisions regarding the action plan tracking sheets. Each and every step must be followed one by one.

  • Making it Happen

At the end, after you have concluded with all activities of filling the spreadsheets and planning, one must get ready to jump out of the low-flying helicopter and hit the battlefield with rations on back and gun in hand.

It is hoped to get success after such a big struggle.

Benefits of Getting Mobile Optimized at the Earliest

benefits of mobile optimize websitesIt can be expected that from now almost all the websites have been optimized for mobile access. If it is not done, then there is a few times left to get it done by the expert hands of a reputed website maintenance company at the earliest.

Mobile user Experience – Seen Evolution for Decades

Mobile user experience has seen its evolution over the course of past decades as a wide number of greater percentages of online searches is performed on the mobile devices each and every year. By addressing this particular trend, Google has been known to made strong efforts to accommodate mobile audiences along with tailoring the search results to favor sites that are optimized for mobile usage suitable.

Regular website maintenance to optimize it can be the main factor for raking improvement. Millions of sites have fared finely despite not being optimized for mobile user experience. Such sites may not last for long. As announced by Google, it is currently working of a significant structural algorithm change that will increase its emphasis on mobile-usability as a ranking factor.

Mobile-friendly Algorithm – Have More Impact on Search Engines

Once rolled out, the algorithm change can be expected to have a significant impact on search results. Zineb Ait Bahajji, a member of the team of the Google Webmaster Trends was quoted at SMX Munich by the saying that the new mobile-friendly algorithm will have more of an impact on search rankings in comparison to Panda and Penguin, which are the two most impactful search algorithm updates Google has ever rolled out.

This algorithm change will roll out gradually worldwide by this year. That reflects on every professional website maintenance company which has only a few times to get the sites updated before viewing the consequences. The search giant seems to make near-constant updates to the search protocols.

Data Refreshment along with Tweak – Lead to Imperceptible Changes

Website maintenance in India states that data refreshment along with some tweak will lead to almost imperceptible changes in the rankings for only a handful of business. Unfortunately, for non-optimized businesses, this case does not seem to be viable. With one of the Google’s recently explanation, the latest algorithm, roll out is set t have a bigger impact in comparison to Panda and Penguin.

By considering Panda and Penguin as the bigger algorithm updates, it can be seen that from Google, this new mobile update can completely change the way search is being looked at.

Google’s Motivation

The motivation from the side of Google is crystal clear. At its core Google desires its users to have a great experience online due to which Panda and Penguin have been rolled out as they used to affect the websites a lot. Like every other iteration of the algorithm of Google, the goal of a Website Maintenance Services Company is to make users happy. In case users are happy, Google awards!

Some of the essential actions to optimize the site to be mobile-friendly include:

  • Ensuring that the site is optimized for mobile devices
  • Checking the crawl ability by Google
  • Verifying that the site is optimized page-by-page for compatibility

In case of any confusion, website maintenance in India is there to assist the best.

Do you Need a Website Redesigning? Know When You Should!

Most people, who consider having their websites redesigned, choose to do it for the wrong reasons. They go with the flow and redesign their websites just because many others are doing this. But this is not a very good idea. If you are redesigning just because your CEO wants to redesign it, or because you want to add a corporate feel and look to your existing design or because there has been a long time that you designed your website, you are doing a mistake.

Redesigning your website just for the sake of excitement is a very bad idea. This is because the website redesign cost is not quite less and will burn a hole in your pocket. Unnecessarily spending that amount of money is not good for your business. As you visit your newly designed website quite a number of times, the excitement will disappear.

Do you need a website redesigning Know when you should
The Right Reasons for Website Redesigning:

  • If you want to get found by the potential customers and visitors, more on the search engine, you need to choose the best website redesign services in India and have your website redesigned.
  • If you wish to increase the brand presence of your website, you need a redesigning of your site.
  • If you want to engage and convince your visitors to potential customers by impressive navigation, appeal, UX/UI, you need a website redesigning.

Unnecessarily changing the design is not required. If your old design is working well, bringing customers and helping your business do not change the design. This is because the customers are accustomed to old designs. If you still change it, it might confuse them and cause them a great deal of trouble to understand the changes and understand that it is the same brand or company that they are visiting.